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Bangkok Amphawa Night Floating Market

​Bangkok Firefly Tour

Product introduction

  • It is a tourist attraction located about 2 hours from Bangkok one way. The market is held on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) and you can see the lively merchants. You can spend a romantic time watching the countless fireflies twinkling on the trees on the boat at Amphawa Floating Market. I recommend it to family and lovers~ ^

  • A special tour only available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weekends!

  • You can experience the Amphawa market and take a boat ride around the canal for about an hour to see the fireflies inhabiting the surrounding area.

More information


  • Private vehicle, fuel fee, Amphawa Firefly Boat (Join Boat)


not included

  • Additional meals and snacks

  • Article Tips (not obligatory)

  • Vehicle add-on options

  • personal expenses

  • Anything other than inclusions



  • Only tour timetable (Fri. Sat. Sun.) is available.

  • Weekend We will proceed as a full-day tour.

  • 13:00 Meet the driver with "Taxi Tour Korean Picket" in the hotel lobby (departure time can be adjusted)

  • 15:00 Maeklong Dangerous Railway Market Tour (including train ride: get off at Rat Yai Station)

  • 16:30 Amphawa Weekend Floating Market Tour

  • 18:20 Firefly Boat Tour (operating hours change depending on the season)

  • 19:30 After the tour ends, free drop off at any location in Bangkok city (additional cost will be incurred when moving to the airport)


  • dangerous train time
    Arrive:09:45 13:45 18:20
    Leave:06:20 10:30 14:30

[Estimated time of arrival]
Bangkok City 21:00 / Suvarnabhumi Airport 21:30 / Don Mueang Airport 21:30
(Arrival time may be delayed depending on traffic conditions.)

tour price

  • Departure rate (per person)

  • 1,400 baht taxi car for 2 people

  • 1,100 baht taxi car for 3 people

  • 900 baht taxi car for 4 people

  • 900 baht taxi van for 5 people

  • 900 baht van for more than 6 people

  • ※ Infant (under 90cm) free of charge

Additional tour information

  • When using an additional vehicle after the tour
    200 baht per hour by car
    Van Van 300 baht per hour

Personnel Regulations

  • Infants aged 0-1 who do not occupy a seat can ride for free.

  • The minimum number of people required for the tour is 6, and if the minimum number is not met, we recommend another date or refund in full.


Q: When making a reservation, where do I need to inform about the desired pick-up location and arrival location? 
A: If you make a reservation, after we confirm, a counselor in charge will contact you through KakaoTalk to provide additional consultation to confirm your reservation. Upon further consultation, we will confirm the pick-up and drop-off locations for guests. 
Also, if you tell us when you want additional consultations, such as adjusting the schedule for the tour, our consultants will help you after checking whether it is possible.

Q: Do I need to print out the voucher and show it to the meeting?
A: If you receive a confirmed voucher through KakaoTalk after additional consultation with our agent, you do not need to print it out, just save it to your phone and show it to the driver at the meeting.^^

Q: Does the driver speak Korean? Is it possible to go on a tour without a guide?
A : The driver in charge of our tour does not play the role of a professional guide, but a veteran tour operator who has received tour training professionally takes care of the entire tour, and helps guests move and location, as well as ticketing and photo taking.

You can communicate with our drivers in simple English, and the local Korean staff will take care of the shortcomings through the Kakao Talk group room during the tour. If you contact our staff through
In addition, after meeting with the driver on the day of the tour, our local Korean counselor will contact you through the driver to provide advance information about the tour on the day.


'Happy benefits' for booking this exclusive tour
- Our own free private tour
- Korean representatives residing in Bangkok and Pattaya, quickly solving problems
- Veteran local knight official management company
- All travelers have accident insurance

Thailand Insurance Details

  • Products that are applied at the start of the tour and expire after the tour ends

  • English name of all personnel required 

  • Only the English name that matches the passport is applied

  • Guaranteed in case of an accident related to the tour

  • Infants under 12 months & over 75 years 50% covered

  • Excluding insurance for reservations made on the day of the tour 

  • Excludes injuries from drunken accidents and fights

  • Excluding those who are mentally or physically disabled and physically and physically weak 

  • Only treatment at a local hospital in Thailand is covered, excluding treatment after returning home

  • ​Excluding accidents caused by personal negligence

How to use

  • ​Voucher will be emailed to you only if you wish. Please apply through the customer center 1:1 inquiry box.



  • Valid only on the specified date.

  • If you do not see the driver during the tour, please call the phone number listed on the voucher or leave a message or Kakao Talk.

  • If there is an emergency from the start of the tour, a Korean representative will provide intensive care through  KakaoTalk.

  • Cancellation or refund due to personal circumstances such as lateness or no-show is not possible.

  • This product is non-refundable after purchase.

Additional information

  • / Vouchers cannot be sent via email.

  • Please enter your passport name, email address to receive the voucher, gender, and date of birth correctly.

  • E-ticket e-mail will be sent to  voucher   only to those who have requested a 1:1 inquiry after deposit .

  • We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by incorrect information entered at the time of reservation.

  • If the reservation is not possible due to full booking after payment, we will contact you by phone and give you a 100% refund.

  • For this product, a confirmation voucher will be sent by email within 2-3 business hours after payment.

  • If the e-ticket cannot be confirmed, please check your spam folder.

  • Noc Tour Business Hours Weekdays Mon-Fri Weekdays Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 (Korean Standard)

Cancellation and Change Information

  • We are not responsible for non-use due to natural disasters or closures, and cancellations and refunds are not possible.

  • Please make a reservation after reading the above individual cancellation and refund rules.

  • All cancellations and changes can only be made via email during business hours.

  • Unilateral notices through landline calls and messengers will be treated as invalid.

  • Requests made after 6pm on a Friday evening will be considered for submission on the following Monday.

  • Noc Tour Business Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00 (except holidays) on weekdays

  • Cancellation and change reception email:


  • [Tour Cancellation Refund Policy]

  • In case of cancellation request before Happy Call confirmation: Full refund

  • Cancellation request up to 10 days prior to the date of travel: 10% of the payment amount deducted

  • Cancellation request 9 to 7 days prior to the date of travel: 40% of the payment amount deducted

  • Cancellation request 6 to 4 days prior to the date of travel: 70% of the payment amount deducted

  • Cancellation request 3 to 1 day prior to the date of travel: 90% of the payment amount deducted

  • Same day and NoShow: No cancellation/change/refund



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