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Rayongsupatra Fruit Farm +

Golden Cliff Temple + Floating Market

one day tour

Product introduction

Admire the grandeur and grandeur of Amazing Thailand, starting with the Golden Cliff Temple (Wakao Chichan), the world's largest golden Buddha.

Nong Nooch Village, Pattaya's best must-see tourist course, where you can enjoy 600 acres of well-manicured landscaping, folk performances and elephant shows! Upon arrival, the driver will give you the ticket. While customers look around Nong Nook Village, the driver is waiting in the vehicle .

Next, you will travel to Supatra Land, Rayong's largest fruit farm, famous for its tropical fruit production.
A dedicated driver driver will guide you through the farm with a farm vehicle, allowing you to see and touch a variety of tropical fruit trees and rubber trees, and enjoy an unlimited tropical fruit buffet to your heart's content.
Fresh  organic salad and 'Sottam' are also served on the spot, re-sold directly from the Soupatra Land farm.

After the tour, you will go to Pattaya Floating Market and have free time to take pictures and eat delicious snacks.
When you have finished your floating market tour, we will drive you to your desired dinner location to your hotel safely .

More information


Single vehicle (2-3 people: passenger car, 4 people: van, 5 people or more: bongo),

Driver, fuel, and entrance fee to Rayong Supatra Fruit Farm (including buffet fruit)
Admission to Nong Nooch Village, Pattaya Floating Market Admission, Elephant Trekking


not included

Lunch, dinner, personal expenses, elephant trekking trainer tip (20 baht)
If you want to upgrade your vehicle, the upgrade fee is 800 baht.

tour price

  • Departure for 2 people - Adult 2,800 Baht, Child 2,700 Baht (taxi car)

  • For 3 people - 2,500 baht for adults, 24,000 baht for children (by taxi)

  • Departure for 4 people - Adult 2,100 Baht, Child 2,000 Baht (minivan)

  • Departure for 5 people - Adult 2,100 Baht, Child 2,000 Baht (Vongo van)

  • For departures of 6 or more - Adult 2,100 Baht, Child 2,100 Baht (Bongo van)



    • 08:00 Meeting at Bangkok Hotel Lobby Entrance

    • ( 09:00 meeting at Pattaya Hotel lobby entrance ) => When departing from Pattaya

    • 10:00 Fruit farm tour and fruit buffet experience (Fruit buffet, soot, organic salad provided)

    • 12:30 Nong Nooch Village Garden Tour (Lunch)

    • 13:30 Nong Nooch Village Folklore Show, Elephant Show

    • 14:30 Tour the Golden Cliff Temple ('Wat Khao Chichan')

    • 15:00 Elephant trekking experience

    • 16:00 Pattaya floating market tour

    • 18:00 Go to your desired dinner venue (dinner not included) (recommended restaurant: Mumbai, Cabbage & Condom)

    • 19:00 Tour ends (drop to desired location)

    ※ The order of tourist attractions may be changed depending on the departure point, movement route, and traffic conditions.
    ※ Nong Nooch Village Folklore Show Time: 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 16:30 17:30

    ★ The schedule may be adjusted according to local circumstances.
    ★ After the tour reservation and payment are made, the person in charge may check the availability and cancel the tour depending on local circumstances, such as early closing of the tour, insufficient minimum number of people, and closing of advance reservation tickets. 
    ★ As we are closed on weekends and public holidays, reservations are not processed and are processed sequentially on a business day basis.

    Pickup information

    • After the tour, we will take you to Bangkok Hotel, Pattaya Hotel, Suvarnabhumi Airport, etc. free of charge.

    • There is an additional charge of 500 Baht per vehicle for transfers from Don Muang Airport. (regardless of number of people)

    • If you wish to use the vehicle additionally after the tour is over, you can extend the vehicle at an additional charge of 200 baht per hour. (300 baht per hour for vans or vans)

    • => If you would like to use the extended vehicle, please inform us in advance at the time of booking.

    • Ex) After 3 hours of use, transfer to Suvarnabhumi Airport: 600 baht + airport transfer 0 baht = total 600 baht 

    • After 3 hours of additional use, transfer to Don Muang Airport: 600 baht + airport transfer 500 baht = total 1,100 baht 

    • (Recommended locations for sending to Suvarnabhumi: Megabangna Shopping Mall, Udomsuk Sobun Seafood, Sinacarin Health Land Massage, etc. recommended)

    age criteria

    • Same price for adults and children

    • Free for children under 121cm

    • Children under 79cm in height are free, and children under 80~120cm in height have a separate child rate. Please inquire when making a reservation.

    Additional information

    Notes on Reservation

    • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled use. (based on business days)

    • Please enter your passport name, email address to receive the voucher, gender, and date of birth correctly.

    • We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by incorrect information entered at the time of reservation.

    • If the reservation is not possible due to full booking after payment, we will contact you by phone and give you a 100% refund.

    • E-ticket email will be sent to cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_voucher   only to those who have requested a 1:1 inquiry after deposit.

    Cancellation and Change Information

    • We are not responsible for non-use due to natural disasters or closures, and cancellations and refunds are not possible.

    • Please make a reservation after reading the above individual cancellation and refund rules.

    • All cancellations and changes can only be made via email during business hours.

    • Unilateral notices through landline calls and messengers will be treated as invalid.

    • Requests made after 6pm on a Friday evening will be considered for submission on the following Monday.

    • Noc Tour Business Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00 (except holidays) on weekdays

    • Cancellation and change submission email:


    Cancellation Refund Policy

    • For cancellation request before Happy Call confirmation: Full refund 

    • For cancellation requests up to 10 days prior to the date of travel: 10% of the payment amount deducted 

    • Cancellation request 9-7 days prior to the date of travel: 40% of the payment amount deducted 

    • For cancellation requests 6 to 4 days prior to the date of travel: 70% of the payment amount deducted 

    • Cancellation request 3 to 1 day prior to the date of travel: 90% of the payment amount deducted

    • Same day and NoShow: No cancellation/change/refund

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