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Service center

Service center

1. The above bulletin board is a 1:1 inquiry bulletin board.

Please leave any inquiries regarding tours and other questions.

2. To reserve a tour, click the red [Reserve] button

After carefully reviewing the tour schedule

Please fill out the reservation request form carefully.

3. All fees must be paid on-site in Baht or

If you want to pay in Hanwha by making a reservation in advance,

I will contact you through KakaoTalk in charge.

4. On the day of the tour, even if we do not contact you,

in time for the tour to start

The pick-up vehicle will unconditionally come to the reserved location.

Unless there are special changes

All reservations are organized by date in the list at a glance 

There is nothing to be missed because it proceeds sequentially.

No need to contact us, just fill out the reservation form

You don't have to worry at all.

Still, in case you don't know, call the person in charge Kakao Talk the day before the tour

Please leave a confirmation message.

5. Airport pick-up is exactly on time

In front of each airport exit , a Thai driver

We are waiting in advance with a picket.

Reservation confirmation must be made one day prior to tour and pick-up

Person in charge katok: hiphop3355

Please leave a message to confirm your reservation!

6. For those who want a separate reservation check and voucher

Add the local representative KakaoTalk ID: hiphop3355 as a friend

Please call Voice Talk from 10 am to 6 pm Thai time.

Outside of business hours, please contact us through the 1:1 inquiry board below.


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